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Eyeball Massage, Fingers Exercise

21 November – 20 December 2015
@ Fergana Art Space

Eyeball Massage, Fingers Exercise was a group exhibition that showcased works by individuals from an array of backgrounds, although not exclusively by visual artists; featuring installation works, paintings, video works and informal lecture. This exhibition engaged the post-internet world as a starting point for a survey, which aimed to develop an understanding of its visual system, social media as an alternative platform for artistic expression, the internet as a site for visual aesthetic exploration or how these social media-driven experiences affect artists’ modes of production.

Download exhibition brochure here.

Participating artists:

  • Belveen Singh
  • Engku Iman
  • Daniel Chong
  • Gan Chin Lee
  • Haffendi Anuar
  • Kenneth Chan
  • Leo Ari
  • Leon Leong Wai Pung
  • Sharon Chin

Ancillary programme:  Informal lecture by Daniel Chong

BOOKFACE: How I hacked social media to be my infopedia

28 November 2015 (Saturday)
2:00pm –  3:30pm

“As the title states, I will be sharing my experience testing Facebook’s possibilities for sharing knowledge instead of stalking ex-partners, learning new things rather than enforcing prejudices, and expanding horizons without leaving home. I have collected hundreds of images and links of many curious and creative themes: art about art, people half submerged in water, movies featuring historical paintings, infographics explaining the world, my artistic creations, racism in Malaysia, new media versus digital media, local flowers, Disney Remixes, computer vision, and more (cats included). These Facebook albums are my attempts to thwart the power of algorithms, and save myself from information overload in a visually saturated world.”

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