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Nirmala Dutt: The London Years

10 October – 15 November 2015
@ Fergana Art Space (Whiteaways Arcade, George Town)

Opening on 10 October 2pm @ Fergana Art Space

FERGANA ART and OUR ArtProjects are excited to present Nirmala Dutt: The London Years. This significant exhibition revisits Nirmala’s rarely seen prints and selected paintings that were executed during her stay in London in the early 90s, many of them experimental in nature.

From 1992 – 1995, Nirmala enrolled for post-graduate studies at the University of London. Her proposed area of research is on the topic of ‘Art Against War and the Creative Process’. The research was aimed at exploring the intersection between printmaking and the psychological processes involved in creativity. Nirmala was also keen to make the connection between these creative processes and a politicised art that has a social function.

Her body of work attempts at capturing the contradictions that make up an urban metropolis as well as artist’s role as a social commentator. These range from abstract compositions of the cityscapes and seasonal changes, to grittier subjects such as etchings of the homeless people of London. Included in this clusters are also many of her studies, etchings and paintings, such as works that delve on the experience of the war, which are tributes to the Spanish master, Francisco Goya.


Nirmala Dutt (b. 1941, Malaysia) has been painting since the early 1960’s and has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Malaysia and internationally. She began her training under Mohamed Hoessein Enas and went on to art schools in the United States and the U.K., returning to Malaysia in 1978. She has since become a prominent figure in Malaysian art. A pioneer in many senses, being the first artist to exhibit an installation piece at the National Art Gallery in 1973, and one of the first artists to make use of documentary photography in her work, and to engage with “public art” through the distribution of work by mail, she has since become a prominent figure in Malaysian art. Certainly one of the region’s most important women artists, she has remained committed to using art to awaken social conscience. “She has devoted herself during the last few years to expressing the human predicament in adverse conditions” (Contemporary Paintings of Malaysia, 1988).

Her paintings of the 80s and 90s have been provoked by international atrocities of the century – the Vietnam War, environmental pollution, the Beirut conflict, the deforestation of Malaysia’s jungles, the tragic war in Bosnia, often integrating newspaper images and text. More recently she has grappled with issues of rape and child abuse in Malaysia, in an installation-based exhibition Virgin Spring Today & Siti, and in 2005, she produced a powerful and unsettling body of paintings, Tsunami 2004-2005. Photo-silk screened newspaper images and bold gashes of paint are worked into a tight compositional grid, fusing reportage with aesthetic principle and creating an art, which strikes through the eye to reach the social conscience.

Exhibition period:
10 October – 15 November 2015

Opening hours:
Open daily 11am – 7pm, except on Mondays.

Contact details:
+604 261-3002

Free admission